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Vision Telecommunciations enables access, to the Cybermedical Community

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Healthcare Solutions

Cybermedical Commuinty is the first international, interdisciplinary medical professional network for specialists, hospitals, physicians and medical institutions. The aim of the Community is that hospitals, medical networks, medical institutions, physicians and specialists can exchange medical know-how and information in a simple and protected manner, via voice, video, images and data using a standardised platform. This enables the optimisation and quality assurance of the treatment processes within larger organisations, networks or institutions (e.g. OP-support, interactive and fast support in critical treatment situations independent of the current location, exchange of second opinions, etc.) or even for training or swapping of experiences in particularly difficult or instructive cases.

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Medical doctors can collaborate with remote colleagues or hospitals, this offers them the optimal conditions for providing medically necessary services, to make the needed, personalised support and expert consultation available, quickly and interactively. Convince your patients with your qualitative high-grade competence in medical questions and the opportunity to call up the necessary performances and services without delay, and thus deepen their trust in you.

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